Start with Klaviyo Basic Flow

Updated over a week ago

First, you need to onboard the influencer see the article below

Please check how to Onboard Influencers to start with the flow.

When an influencer sends you a DM for specific keywords you triggered in the Email Automation the Reflys start gathering emails from influencers after successfully email registering the flow starts as follows below:

First, you need to Generate a Discount Code before setting your email template.

1. Create two segments in the Klayvio with the following filters.

Segment 1.

  • Reflys_Instagram_Handle is set

Segment 2

  • Reflys_Instagram_Verified is true
  • Reflys_Instagram_Follows_You is true

2. Now Create three flows as follows:

  • Flow 1: Follow on Instagram.
  • Flow 2: Mention Story follow-up.
  • Flow 3: Get a Reward after the story mentioned.

If you would like to implement the above flow, please invite me as a manager to in Klaviyo. We will then clone the above flow into your account.

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