Discount Code Generation

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1. Go to Orders > Coupon

2. Click on the Add coupon button on the right side

3. Fill the required fields

Remember! Shopify treats the specified criteria as price rules, subsequently generating a discount code for each influencer. Both the price rules and the discount codes are synced with the Shopify store. Unlike Shopify, WooCommerce lacks an inherent feature for managing price rules. Reflys addresses this gap by handling the price rules within its system and generating discount codes that synchronize with the WooCommerce store.

  • Title: Friendly Name

  • Prefix: Added as a prefix when generating a discount code, e.g., prefix_discountcode.

  • Segment: Filters influencers based on specific criteria.

  • Apply To: Allows the application of a discount code on all products, or it can be specified to apply only to selected products and collections.

  • Minimum Purchase: Sets a minimum purchase amount for the discount code to be valid.

  • Discount Type: Enables setting the discount as a fixed amount or as a percentage off the purchase price.

  • Usage Limits: Configures the discount code for a single use by one customer or for multiple uses up to a specified number.

  • Activation Date: Indicates when the price rule becomes effective.

  • Expiration Date: Defines the expiry date for when the discount is valid, or it can be set to have no expiry.


The system continuously generates discount codes for new influencers who meet the criteria of the segment, with validity ranging from the start of the activation date to the expiration date.


When a discount code is generated, the property “Reflys_Discount_Code” syncs with Klaviyo. You can utilize this property in your email templates.

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