Events & Properties Sync with Klaviyo

Updated over a week ago

All properties related to e-commerce orders, Instagram profile insights, and events related to order placement, mentioned are synced to Klaviyo.

Here are the following properties and events that are synced to Klaviyo:


  • Reflys_Instagram_Firstname
  • Reflys_Instagram_Followers
  • Reflys_Instagram_Follows
  • Reflys_Instagram_Handle
  • Reflys_Instagram_Posts
  • Reflys_Instagram_Profile_Image
  • Reflys_Instagram_Verified
  • Reflys_Instagram_Follows_You
  • Reflys_Orders
  • Reflys_Net_Sales


  • Reflys Order Place
  • Reflys Mentioned
  • Reflys Coupon Added
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