SMS text for Klaviyo SMS automation

Updated over a week ago

To onboard influencers to the program, you first need to update the email list setting in automation. This enables the collection of emails directly from influencers’ Instagram DMs. You can add a specific keyword to start gathering emails.

SMS is required for Klaviyo SMS automation flow, as all marketing data is synced to Klaviyo.

1. Click on Automation from the left sidebar menu.

2. Click on SMS

3. Update the form fields
  1. Keywords

    Select the ‘If message’ dropdown if the DM text should be ‘is’, ‘contain’, ‘whole words’, or ‘begins’.

    Add max 5 keywords to start the trigger.

  2. Send message

    When a user DMs the brand with the keyword you’ve set, the system responds back to the user with the message you’ve updated.

  3. Error message

    When a user enters the wrong phone number, the system sends an error message with the message you’ve updated.

  4. Success message

    After entering the correct phone number, the system sends a success message.

After the success message, the customer profile is built and a phone number is linked to their profile.

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