Tiktok Tracking

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Connecting Tiktok by follow the innstruction below

Go to settings > Connect page

On the right side of the screen, you’ll notice a heading labeled “TikTok.” Please click the “Connect” button to link your TikTok account. After successfully connecting your account, you will find fields designated for hashtags below. Here, you are encouraged to enter a unique hashtag that represents your brand effectively.

When users engage with the email automation flow, at its conclusion, the system will request the user’s TikTok username. After the user enters their TikTok username into the system, it will automatically onboard the corresponding Instagram (IG) account for the TikTok influencer. This process links the influencer’s TikTok and Instagram accounts within the automation system, allowing for coordinated activities across both platforms.

When a user creates a TikTok video and tags it with your brand’s specific hashtag, Reflys tracks the video corresponding to that hashtag.

Please note that TikTok videos will not be tracked if the TikTok user has not enrolled in the program.

Tracking TikTok videos will take time, and it takes approximately 20 minutes to process the video.

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