Frequently Asked Questions

You have the flexibility to pause your Reflys subscription at any time.

How to Pause Your Account

A “paused” subscription ensures continued access to your Reflys account and Data tab, but your account becomes inactive, and new interactions or submissions will not be processed.

To pause your subscription, kindly get in touch with our support team.

How to Fully Cancel Your Account

If you wish to completely terminate your subscription, including deleting all data and removing Reflys from your site, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the Reflys App from your Shopify Store if you installed it through the Shopify App Store.
  2. For manual installations outside the Shopify App Store, we are actively working on an automated deactivation. Meanwhile, please contact us via chat or email, and we will assist in pausing or canceling your subscription.

What to check if things are not working when you test your implementation Instagram Story Tracking or DM’s not working?

Check: Have you “Allowed Access to Messages” in your Instagram app?

Most companies already have this setting enabled before they come to Reflys, but if you’re not receiving Story mentions or DMs in Reflys, be sure to confirm you’ve completed this guide: Instagram Story Tracking With Reflys 

Instagram posts / reels / stories not tracking?

Reflys can only track content from public profiles, so please make sure the Instagram account you’re testing with is public. More info on what content is tracked and specifics, can be read here: Which Instagram Content will be tracked 

Other issues? Please chat with us or email us at so we can dive in with you!

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